2020 in review


I got a new job! 🎉


I didn’t attempt any conference talks this year, not that there were as many this year, but towards the end of the year I spoke on two panels.

  1. The first was at the Black Girls Tech Summit in November where we talked about navigating the workplace as black women.
  2. In December I spoke at a LeadDev panel on strategies for creating an environment of continuous learning.


At the start of the year I had the aim of writing something once a month to work on improving my writing skills. I did start my blog and managed a whole seven out of twelve posts (not including this one!) which considering how this year has been, that’s not too bad 😎


I have always enjoyed teaching through learning hours and giving talks, but this year this role became more official when I became an Instructor for the Black Codher programme. Black Codher is a six month coding bootcamp for black women, empowering them to progress into digital roles. I taught JavaScript and React and learned a lot about teaching, and teaching remotely, that I shared in this thread on Twitter.

Screenshots of some of the Instagram posts shared by Tara in 2020

Other cool things

I started learning to touch type this year and honestly it is great and has made me more efficient already. I was a slow typer before, keeping my eyes on the keyboard, which is why I decided to learn. It was pretty difficult to build up the new muscle memory and for a while it completely slowed down my typing as I tried to adjust to the new way. I am much faster now than I was previously and I plan to keep improving my number of words per minute. I have been using Typing club to learn which is really good.


Let’s not even go there, I just pray I’ll be alive to see it through…

We made it



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Tara Ojo

Tara Ojo

Software engineer @ Google. She speaks and writes about career progression and front-end development. @tara_ojo